How to choose social networks for your business?

Nno more and no less. Today it is essential that you boost and promote your business through social networks to achieve the degree of visibility, (eye that is not visualization or visibility) you expect and that you break with your business; that everyone talks about it.
The problem is that we believe that being on all networks is imperative, and it turns out that this is not entirely true. Here’s how to choose the right ones for your business.

Why be on all social networks?

And, why not just ignore them, as the Spanish say, certainly, with the passing of time and the importance that the internet is gaining, it is necessary to have a presence in social networks, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go crazy trying to be in all of them with a rather poor success.

If you notice, one of the first things you could do is to detect based on your target audience, which social network is the closest to cause the desired impact of your brand, we repeat, your brand.

What may work for someone else may not necessarily work for you, so it would be good to take a look at the activity of each of the networks to detect the one that best suits your business.

Just to give you some figures

A study of social networks prepared by Pew Research Center in 2016, showed that Instagram had users between 18 and 29 years of age in a percentage of 60%, with the majority of its users being women. And we are talking about a study done in 2016, today, Instagram is the fastest growing social network; in 2018 it had 800 million users in the world, it turns out that, so far in 2019, it has already reached 1000 million users. You might find this data revealing, right, at least for your practical purposes?

Then there is Facebook, the social network of everything and for everything, yes, the one on which your great-aunt is also on and which she uses to shower blessings on all her contacts by posting messages from the Divine Child and his mother Mary, but on which she barely has her profile picture.

Facebook has its edges, and big ones. Many entrepreneurs are dazzled by the huge number of users that still throws this social network, unaware that this does not guarantee the success of your business.

Facebook today (2019), remains

the “queen” of social media

with a not inconsiderable 2271 million users in the world.

Sure, and you can also check the figures of YouTube with 1900 million users and LinkedIn, with 303 million, through Pinterest with 250 million users in the world, so, as the meme says: it’s data and you have to give it. You will know what to do with them, but they will surely help you to clear the way and choose the best social network for your business, or the best ones, as they are.

Qualities that will make them optimal

Since the figures are now a revealing aspect for the choice of the best social networks for your business, these will have to be accompanied by a number of qualities that will make you the finest filter and that you should not ignore.

Positioning your brand

If it’s not for that, then what else are we giving lora here, precisely what you intend to choose one or more social networks and show your business to the world, is in order to position yourself and you should know that the work you do according to the social network you choose will help you to a greater or lesser extent to make this happen.

Communication with your customers: vital

The social network that provides you with immediate and efficient contact with your customers either to sell or to solve questions about your product or service, is the one that will undoubtedly give you what you are looking for.

customer service 2.0
already exists and can help your business to be very successful if you take full advantage of it, solve concerns of your potential customers, give quick answers, you reach them in scoop with your new releases, in short, that the level of activity is always favored thanks to the good work of the social network you have chosen.

Different audiences, are you familiar with the buyer persona?

Be very careful here, it’s key that you know this. Your strategy can make or break you and this has a lot to do with your presence on the right social networks.

Whether they are specialized or horizontal, those where you can talk about almost anything,
it is key that your community is receptive and interacting
frequently with your brand.

Would an 18 year old girl, passionate about fashion, who loves selfies and hanging out with friends, be interested in following an account of electrical installations, screws, bolts and everything for hardware, I don’t think so.

Defining the networks

We already gave some figures and told you about some qualities and features that should have the social networks you choose for your business, now we will look at them one by one and so you define which one you stay with.


We couldn’t start talking about any other social network other than Facebook and the reason is that, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t quite fit your target audience and we don’t think this is possible, you know it’s the social network
massive and popular
As we said above, everyone comes here to do everything, that’s why it is still the first with more users in the world, and it will take a while for someone else to unseat it.

That said, it would be a great opportunity to give visibility to your business, but keep checking out the other options, maybe what you’re looking for is somewhere else.


Here we can only talk about growth, expansion and rising numbers, many marketing gurus dare to say that it is Instagram who has to unseat Facebook from its impregnable throne, but there are still 1200 million users difference for this to happen and it is not a minor thing.

And what is the reason for its vertiginous rise, simple, impeccable visual content to share. Here you won’t find the blurry, out of focus and much less pixelated photo, no, Instagram is an ode to perfection in images, the food makes you hungry, the clothes and accessories you want to wear them now, the luxury car that is exhibited you want to buy it today, because of how shocking and striking the images posted are.

Normally you will find a young audience on this social network but they are very valuable when it comes to responding to your calls to action.

You also have options to share stories and videos that have been gradually gaining more strength to reach your target audience in a natural way and making them feel close to your brand.

It could be said that Instagram is ideal for advertising products and services, if that’s your case, but such is the versatility it offers today, that many businesses are here without necessarily offering products or services.

Perhaps the sectors that move more on the sides of Instagram have to do with gastronomy, tourism, fashion, decoration themes, health and beauty and even pets have their space here.

Think about whether this social network can benefit your business to the fullest and decide to create your company account as soon as possible.


Here we are already talking about another level of interaction with your target audience, if your audience is according to this social network more than any other.

Why do we say so, because Twitter is not advocating for shocking images of your product or service, it is rather a social network to express personal opinions and that do not exceed 140 characters.

Now, there are those that offer, due to the degree of specialization, courses, seminars, tutorials, workshops, conventions and all kinds of information aimed at training and development.

We’re not saying that Twitter is only for that, but in reality, if you’re looking for qualified opinions and your business is the authority that emits them and you obviously achieve the impact and respect of the audience you want to follow you, well, you’ve already done it.

Check it out and see if Twitter would be the ideal option for your business, if what you want to say is within the reach of 140 characters, this can be an alternative.


We’ve had our fill of channels and YouTubers, but every now and then, one or the other manages to turn our heads with genuine humour and knowledge to get our undivided attention.

We are sure that if you are thinking about YouTube for your business is because you want to be one of them, of course, but, and there will always be a but, you will have to be very creative if you want to surprise on these sides.

There will be no budget that reaches to highlight the benefits of your business without ingenuity and creativity when developing the videos of this social network (we know it is not a social network but as if it were), so we recommend that if you are going to take this path, resort to the videos of experience, tutorials to share shocking advertising, rather, make a difference, you notice that your business came and that drove everyone crazy.


Well, what can we say about LinkedIn, bland if you want to position a brand, but highly effective if you’re aiming to generate sales leads, that’s it.

The importance of LinkedIn is in the people who can help you grow your business, but it’s not really a massive network, so it’s not ideal if you want to reach a lot of people.

Unless your business is about something very specialized and that promoting it on LinkedIn you find that network that will open a market of professionals who will be attentive and receptive to what you have to offer, we do not believe that it can be what many people are looking for, but we reiterate, if you have already done a judicious study and discovered that your market is very specialized, then delve much deeper into the benefits of this community.

Well, maybe we left one or two out of the top, but I think, if you get your teeth into these, you’ll have plenty of work to do, so don’t saturate yourself with so much information and tell us how you are choosing the network or networks that best suit your business.

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