How to turn your hobby into a business

Sf you’ve been thinking about it for days, aware that you have a talent that you can monetize, you’ve come to the place that will put you in “illuminati” mode and will make you decide to take advantage of that fantastic talent with which you can earn money; here we tell you everything you need to know, so, pay attention.

Don’t let fear paralyze you


It is well known that fear is the one that prevents us from facing many situations because it forces us to leave our comfort zone to have to take the bull by the horns and that is something that many decide not to do because in their thinking they say: I’m fine the way I am, why am I going to take a risk?”, and they let countless fantastic opportunities pass them by that could change their lives.

Try to overcome fear by being aware of the talent you have and don’t allow negative thoughts and thoughts of defeat to invade you before you fight. The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t work out and you have to start all over again, but that’s what life is all about, falling down and getting up again and again.

On the contrary, if it turns out to be a total success, you will be more than happy and grateful for having taken the risk and it will fatten your bank account with many zeros to the right, in addition to the satisfaction you will experience doing something you love and are passionate about.

Every way you look at it, you come out on top. Think about it! and go for it!

Get to work!


You’ve already overcome the first and hardest stage, the fear of what might happen. You saw what we said, what might happen, many of us make videos with something that has not even happened and that may never happen, but well; we already said it in the previous point so we will not stop to talk about it again.

We suppose that here you are ready and with all the energy to make your hobby the best business and you will want to eat the world.

Well, in this segment you will have to start bringing your hobby to the plane of action, what are you going to do, how are you going to achieve it, what elements and tools do you need to make it work, how long will it take you to get it ready?

All these questions you will begin to solve them through a plan or strategy that will allow you to start.

Leverage your social media to start selling


Never more relevant than now, social media allows you to connect with your audience and your friends, family and neighbors. Everyone who is in your networks will know that you started a new business and will surely be your first promoters and those who help you take off in sales.

Then, you can give a much more business-like profile to your networks to establish yourself as an authority in the buying decision process of your potential customers.

Do not underestimate the power of social networks to start your business, which ceased to be a hobby to become your permanent activity and where you will start earning big.

Don’t blow balloons


This is a very colloquial way of telling you not to waste your time. Many entrepreneurs are also affected by the mental attenuating factor of the “hobby”, which does not allow you to think that this is something serious and that requires your greatest attention.

Overcome the paradigm that it is still a hobby as it is now your business, continue to enjoy every aspect of the experience (this is the most important thing so you don’t fall into apathy), but make a commitment to dedicate time to it and avoid distractions if you really want it to come to fruition.

Already have a website?


Just as social media puts you on the radar of your potential customers, having a website will let the world know you exist. Google would never forgive you for not having a page and Mr. SEO would be very upset with you if you don’t give it the attention it demands (positioning).

This may not guarantee your success, but it will establish an important connection with the world that is eager to know you and what you have to offer.

One of the most important issues that you will solve by having a website is your credibility, that the world knows that you exist and that you have a business is the best way to gain confidence, you can be sure that the first thing a customer will do is look for you on the web and if you are not, what can happen, they will go elsewhere without further ado.

Do not leave this door open for your customers to go to another website, if what you want to do went from being a hobby to become your business, you must give it the status it deserves and as soon as possible, build your page.

Goodbye hobby, welcome business


By now you should be more than aware of the importance of considering your hobby as an important business.

In other words, it’s your job, so treat it as such. We don’t want you to get discouraged or stop finding the passion for this hobby, what we want you to understand is that now more than ever, your sense of responsibility must be at its peak and consider that this is the only way you will get the discipline and motivation necessary to make this business a success.

At work you don’t come late, or do you, at work you don’t take three hours for lunch, or do you, ok…having answered these two questions, (we don’t want to bore you with more), you will have realized that, if in your usual job you are able to keep a schedule and respect the established policies, here you should do the same and more.

It is the price that every entrepreneur must pay to see their business grow and prosper, but we can guarantee that you will not make all these sacrifices in vain, the reward will come sooner rather than later.

Also, remember Confucius’ famous quote: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Get advice from those who know


We have said this not once, not twice, but many times, in different articles of our blog, the reason? human beings are emotionalWe are impulsive and that’s what our actions respond to in many occasions, which for sure can’t be bad if you are attracting a client, but it can be very harmful if you let yourself be carried away by them without responding to reason at the moment of turning your hobby into a profitable business.

And it’s great that you want to take your hobby further, but don’t neglect expert advice to get it right from the start.

There are many people walking your same path and surely they are good vibes and will help you in your beginnings, they will save you stumbles because they have already made mistakes for you, how do you see it, it is not bad to ask for help and less when you are starting, so, let yourself be advised by those who know so you start off on the right foot.

Check how your market is doing


And this has a lot to do with the previous point, emotions lead us to obnubilation and we believe that our product or service is the panacea that will solve the problems of many people, that it is unique, that it has no equal.

It turns out that when you go out for a little walk to see how the market is, you hit a rock in the teeth because you find that the dessert with the secret recipe of your great-great-grandmother already exists or that that super new gadget that you’re sure is your ultimate creation is already out there.

It’s good that you have decided to start your hobby to make it a business and profit from it, but you should check what the market is like, especially the one that concerns you, due to the product or service you are going to offer.

If your thing is writing, for example, and you’re going to launch a blog, check, read other bloggers, look at their style, look at what their articles are about, study their tone, how they address their audience, in short, you have a lot of work ahead of you, before you go into business, but it’s worth knowing what ground you’re standing on and what you want to achieve.

It is not superfluous to take a look at Shark TankA program of the Sony channel (and they are not paying us for the wedge), which will be very useful to understand the dynamics of what can become your entrepreneurship and with which you can get a rough idea of that entrepreneur who will really break it with what he has to offer and who is going to sell smoke. Are you in the group of the first or are you a smoke seller, do not answer us, it is a very yours reflection and only you have that answer, we hope that you are actually in the group of the first.

Development of personal skills and freedom


And then we get to the part that will make you want to be your own boss, over any impediment or thought of failure that may have been going through your mind.

You know why, because there is nothing in perspective that makes us happier than not having to be accountable to someone, wanting to sleep as late as we please and enjoying the freedom that we can never have as employees.

These three aspects alone move the floor as if it were an earthquake and when you go further and get to develop a number of skills and abilities, it will seem that time is no longer relevant to you, that it moves forward and you don’t even notice because you are full of energy, enthusiasm and dynamism working on your own project and you can’t stop.

Never again will you look at the clock at five o’clock on a Friday afternoon wishing for the hellish work week to end, now you’ve put all your potential into what makes you happy.

Just one thing before we go, get organized, acquire discipline, commit to your business, establish routines and create habits, this is vital for you to be able to work and see results, that is, that you are actually being productive.

Your brain is a great machine and if you give it elements that take it out of the monotony by carrying out strategies and challenges that make your hobby a resounding success business, you will see that it expands while having fun.

We guarantee that this challenge will take you far but let us know what other strategies you would use to turn your hobby into a business.

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