How to use social media to your advantage and not against you

Pt would seem that our title is a truism, but social networks have become the great allies of companies that see how their brand grows thanks to the engagement that they produce in their potential customers, however, not all have succeeded in getting the juice and take advantage of its benefits, on the contrary, the bad moves have been the order of the day.

Here’s why.

It’s all about image

And the social networks are well aware of this. That little world where everything is perfect, immaculate, happy and dynamic forces you not to improvise.

With this we are not telling you to pretend and pose, we only ask you to take care of your image, (we are obviously referring to the image of your company, business, enterprise, whatever you call it), we want you to take care of every detail and to measure the impact of an image that could be questionable or favorable if you have worked well.

In social networks, even the color of your posts counts, did you know that it has been proven that women prefer different colors than men, that contrasting colors attract more attention and that blue is loved by everyone.

That said, it’s the law that your image on networks is perceived as impeccable, fantastic, appealing and impactful, and we’re just telling you about color theory here, read on to find out much more.

Who are you leaving the management of your PR to? SS?

This has been one of the first and irreparable blunders of entrepreneurs, why, because they did not understand from the beginning the importance of generating a strong impact on their social networks and as they thought they were the little washers to make the business look more “cute”, they entrusted the issue to the 17 year old cousin who swears “influencer” and everything went down the drain.

Do you feel identified, let’s get to work and raise those social networks. Let’s go on!

What your company is about

When we enter a fan page of any company and we see that it has not even completed its basic information, has no images of anything and does not respond to their potential customers, it makes us want to throw the holy oils and give eternal rest, Amen!

In reality, the lack of interest in your social networks is expensive and in case you think you have them to leave them in a vegetable state for sécula seculórum, better not have them, you’re doing yourself a huge favor, believe us.

The personality of your brand

And it also applies to social networks in its entirety, how do you think, it is a matter of empathy with your consumers that you can not miss and much less take lightly, a compelling reason for social networks begin to play in your favor.

Brand personality has to do with a matter of perspective, but also of perception, which is not the same thing.

Of perspective, because if you give space to a negative point of view by the client thanks to a lamentable management of your social networks, you will be reaffirming that for him or her you are lousy, and who gets them out of there?

And of perception, because with it we will be directly creating a concept to our client, and this goes beyond a simple point of view, he will already have enough tools and arguments to put us at the top of the chain or bury us for how he conceives us.

Now, if we ask you again, based on the value you’ve conveyed to your social networks, do you think you’ve actually been working to give your brand personality?

Eight is not the same as eighty

And of course, Instagram is not the same as YouTube or Facebook, so why this insistence to post the same thing everywhere without giving the value that each network deserves.

Posting content on each of these social networks, having as a framework its usefulness is what will lead you to get the most out of them.

Virtually any blog you check today on the web will tell you about the usefulness and sense that each of them has, check ours, we had already talked about social networks.

In other words, they tell you in detail what they are for, in which one is better to post videos, in which one is better to keep some shocking pictures, which one is the one that helps you the most to segment. You have everything at your fingertips to make these social networks an absolute success, be a little neat and be careful, you will gain a lot if you know how to use them.

Advertising is selling

The old slogan used to make it clear that if you don’t make yourself known, then you don’t sell, and this hasn’t changed much, it is still of the utmost importance that ads boost your brand.

Now, social networks have found the key to make ads an art, but sometimes we commit small sins that pay dearly.

Overexposure, invasive formats and bad advertising practices can lead you to achieve the opposite effect, so try to keep track of these factors so you do not fall into saturation, while it is true that networks today work hard to eliminate intrusive advertising, you must also do your homework to offer the best experience to your users; as the grandmothers say, “not so much that burns the saint, not so little that does not light it”. Segmentation and moderation are key.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this is not to sell.

While it is true that social networks were originally conceived as a bridge to strengthen ties and keep in touch with friends and family, over time, the concept ceased to be that to accommodate advertising and advertisements and companies knew how to take advantage of it, what’s wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing, just do not focus all your effort and energy on social networks to get sales, the marketing strategy for social networks is extensive, but we tell you not to base all your efforts to sell there, that is an option, not a necessity.

Having overcome this paradigm of some still, now let’s move on to the real concept of what social selling means.

Social Selling is to detect, discover, find, find (we overdo it with the synonyms, but it is so that you are absolutely clear about the concept and make the most of it), your buyer persona through social media, convert them into potential customers and, ultimately, to buy you (eye, you apply reverse psychology, you do not sell them, they buy you) and then build loyalty.

It’s that work that is done so that they choose you, even if you don’t impact them head on, this work has a little more sophistication and requires you to reach their minds in a roundabout way.

Now, go tell those who believe that social media is useless for selling to go back to 1760 when the industrial revolution was just beginning and bring us a beautiful souvenir.

Separate the pears from the apples

We will not get tired in this blog to tell you that your business has nothing to do with your personal life and is an issue to keep in mind, not only for the health of your finances but because in terms of image, as we said above, you have to be separate from what you personally think, believe or take for granted.

Be careful with expressions that reveal in you something that is detrimental to your brand, you can not go around the networks expressing your annoyance with human behaviors and at the same time sell the image of being light in your social networks because you are life coaching or something like that.

Coherence, a lot of coherence and responsible treatment of your brand, social networks can put us in the public eye in a matter of seconds for something we said against or in favor of … and from there, we can come down all a structured work and the image, down to the ground.

In case you don’t remember, the fatality that Avianca committed with the congratulatory message for Women’s Day in which a flight operated by women was completely empty, is an unequivocal sign that everything that was done was destroyed in a matter of seconds with a message on social networks that caused the opposite effect than expected. The 100% female-operated flight was supposed to go full throttle thanks to the confidence of its passengers, but what they did was create an audiovisual piece with a plane emptier than Thanos’ heart. Big mistake.

Here we share with you the unfortunate mistake:

This and thousands of other examples could serve to illustrate what could happen to your brand if you commit the imprudence of underestimating the power of your social networks and that these play a dirty trick on you, users do not forgive.

Have you defined your goals?

Maybe we could have put this at the beginning of the post, but no, we decided to leave it for the end because it causes curiosity that, permanently we hear about the resounding failure of a company that wanted to be in social networks and definitely did not fit.

And it may be because of the objectives, yes, those that were not defined and drawn from the beginning, do you remember the cousin who sent your social networks to the trash, the poor thing never knew why you wanted to have networks.

Likewise, if you were not clear from the beginning that with social networks you had to make more people know you, that you had to establish a communication channel with your customers, that it was necessary to share relevant information about your business, that you had to increase sales; probably that’s why today you are complaining about your failure.

We have always made a point of telling our readers about the importance of setting goals when you want to successfully venture into the web business and social media is an essential part of it.

This time will be no exception and we don’t want to leave without telling you that setting goals for your social networks can: make you gain customers and build customer loyalty, build a positive image of your brand and reach new markets.

So, get to work, you still have a long way to go and we will be here to help you in whatever you need.

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