Marketing analyses the commercial management of companies with the aim of attracting, retaining and building customer loyalty by satisfying their needs.

Marketing strategies, simply put, are the set of actions that aim to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This includes basic short- and long-term activities that have to do with the analysis of a company’s initial situation, as well as the evaluation and selection of its market-oriented strategies.

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Above The Line marketing strategy, by its acronym ATL, is an advertising technique that carries out massive campaigns of great reach without carrying out deep segmentations in the audience.

One of the most important advantages is the wide coverage achieved for the promotion. Numerous channels with a large audience are reached. Thanks to this, a high penetration is achieved by the advertiser, a great visual impact and, sometimes, it adds the possibility of interacting with the user.

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We can define the BTL concept as a series of advertising techniques and practices that try to create new communication channels between the brand and the consumer.

The acronym BTL (Below the Line) refers to non-massive communication practices aimed at specific market segments. For this we try to use striking, creative and surprising ways to establish new forms of contact to spread an advertising message.

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Digital marketing (or online marketing) encompasses all those actions and advertising or commercial strategies that are executed in the media and Internet channels.

This phenomenon has been applied since the 90s as a way of transferring offline marketing techniques to the digital universe.

Parallel to the tremendous development and evolution of digital technology, online marketing has been experiencing, progressively and very quickly, profound changes both in the techniques and tools used (and their complexity) and in the possibilities offered to recipients.

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