Why do you need an advertising agency?

Estrategy and execution, strategy and development, marketing campaigns, advertising… today we talk about all this to position brands and companies at all levels, therefore, it is essential to leave these tasks in the hands of experts.
Here’s why you need the services of an advertising agency so you can do what you do best: make money.

Time matters

You have so many things on your mind that the day is not enough for everything you want to accomplish, calls, agenda, visits, clients, mails, campaigns, strategy design; you’ve gone crazy.

What an advertising agency can do for you is to free you from all these tasks that are actually consuming you and diverting your attention from the

core business


Of course, you must be careful when choosing the agency, because it is important that they generate solutions, not problems.

Clearly state what you want and expect from them and how you want them to handle your brand, product or service.

I guarantee that the best way to identify the right agency is when you feel that by clearly conveying the message of what you want, you make a “match” and feel empathy.

The pocket hurts

And this only means return on investment at every level, it means that you will not have to spend large sums of money having a team of collaborators in your company generating a

significant performance


Clearly state your numbers so that the advertising agency can take care of the strategy development without costing you an arm and a leg.

They will give you figures of what their service will cost, so the financial picture and costs will be clear from the start for you.

In addition, as the saying goes, cobbler to your shoes, do not generate jobs without a defined framework, that is to say that the person you have doing the payroll of the company, will be the day of tomorrow supporting and doing community manager work, be careful with this, first because that person could bring to the attention of labor authorities that is not being employed for the purposes that were described in your contract and second, because even if you have some knowledge against the subject in which you need support, is not an expert, how could you blame her if she makes a mistake, what might start out as a favor, could cost you more money than if you hire a professional from the start.

This brings us to the next point for you to discover another reason why it is important to hire the services of an advertising agency.

By degree of expertise

While it is true that you and no one else but you, as the bolero says, have a clear idea of where you are going and what you want to achieve, crystallizing all that information through the services of an advertising agency will be the best option.

Hiring these professionals who specialize in capturing your ideas is the right decision because they know what you don’t know.

The knowledge focused and specific towards the development of advertising campaigns, strategy creation, account management, public relations, marketing, among others, are surely the services you need to fulfill the advertising purposes of your brand.

It would be a great waste of time if you had an emporium dedicated to the sale of insurance (to give you an example), and you had to rack your brains thinking about how attractive advertising can be for your customers, why not leave it in the hands of those who know and you, do your own thing?

Advertising agencies offer, apart from the whole campaign launch package, which is the campaign itself, as they put all their effort and energy in creating it, monitoring services to give them the proper follow-up, today such actions are of the utmost importance, as they ensure that all the effort and effort that is being carried out, get results.

To measure effectively, they apply a series of tools and statistics that allow access to the figures and the impact that the campaign in question is having. It is undoubtedly another mechanism that generates confidence when deciding to hire the services of an advertising agency.

Results have to be measured somehow and they are the best and qualified people to do it.

That’s why it’s so important to leave communication services, creative development and problem solving for your brand, product or service in the hands of gurus, we won’t get tired of repeating it.

In addition, the advertising agency is able to market and find the right opportunities for your product or service to grow in impact, authority and positioning. Want more reasons, read on!

Creativity has a high cost, are you willing to pay it?

We already said that having a creative team dedicated to communications within a company may be a good option, but the return on your investment may be affected and with this we are not saying that it is bad for you to be a generator of employment and job opportunities.

What happens is that, when it comes to positioning yourself, you can’t neglect details or treat strategy issues lightly.

Creativity today is something for experts, for people dedicated on a daily basis to the generation of ideas; it is not the same if you have a team within your payroll that also has to take care of internal communication, organizational matters, the hierarchy of the organization chart, the creation of profiles and positions, and that apart from that, can consciously and dynamically dedicate itself to the generation of ideas for the new and impactful campaign that you want. Do you remember the girl on the payroll who is now a community? That is what we mean.

When you hire the services of an advertising agency, you buy the promise and the certainty that in matters of creativity you will break at all levels.

The ingenuity of the people who work in advertising agencies is undoubtedly the fundamental element for the elaboration, development and implementation of the most successful campaigns, so, pay with will, you will see that your figures will grow as you expect.

A good management strategy

  • If you’ve been struggling with your advertising campaigns because you haven’t decided to hire the services of an agency, we have news for you, one of the most fantastic strategies that can boost your brand is handicapping.

  • This means, to put it in a clear context, that a handicap is a


    in your company is a disadvantage in relation to your competition, it’s what makes it difficult for you to achieve, it’s what keeps your numbers in the red.

  • Well, an advertising agency focused on improving your handicap, will more than achieve through a good analysis, an effective strategy and a successful implementation for the image of your company to improve and that disadvantage against your competitors, decrease and why not, disappear completely.

Get noticed with a 360° strategy

Never before has the importance of implementing a 360° strategy to your business been made visible, and that’s because before it was much easier to reach the public to meet their needs.

It turns out that the world of advertising has changed and changed not only for the better, but to give you the tools that will put you in the eye of the customer, that will attract their attention to your brand or product and make you sell.

And while we’re on the subject of positioning…don’t lose sight of this tip, it turns out that, in the past, advertising agencies had a focus on aesthetics, on making your brand shine in a bombastic way in front of your competitors and disbelieving your clients with killer slogans.

With the advent of the internet, they discovered that apart from being creative and aesthetic, they had to become strategic and analytical and Ta-da; tools were born to measure everything and position you at the top of the web.

With positioning, agencies are forced to do segmentation, locate your demographic audience, analyze the time of purchase, and all this, to identify if they are actually achieving the objectives outlined.

On the other hand, and going back to the

360° strategy

this seeks to cover all channels to reach your customer, from advertising, communications, marketing, networks, campaigns, everything to put you to dance your brand in his brain 24 hours a day.

Think again, don’t you need an advertising agency, I think you do.

Measuring performance

We had already talked in one of our sections about the degree of expertise of those who manage advertising agencies.

And is that the complete information that they can provide you with through specialized measurement tools or what is known in marketing jargon as KPI’s, (

Key Performance Indicator

), which are nothing more than indicators to measure performance, can solve your life and make you forget about many aspects of online marketing and let the agency handle them for you.

There are several fields of online marketing to implement the indicators that can throw a KPI, you can measure the number of people who read a blog, you can track social networks, content issues and even the work of mailing can also be measured by this indispensable tool, among other tasks that also cover the KPI’s.

This means that if the agency you hire is an expert in the use of this tool, it can offer you important advantages such as: obtaining valuable and relevant information from your market and from there, implement the best strategies that benefit your brand, product or service.

So this can be an important factor when deciding on the services of an advertising agency. You’re welcome!

As you can see, we have given you enough reasons to hire the best advertising agency, besides, it is worth mentioning that the agency you hire must provide value, not give you headaches, agencies must be autonomous, capable, focused on creativity, open to detect new trends, communicative, that when you ask for information about your brand, generate reports with which you will be satisfied, it is not about rigorous and detailed reports but they must be able to make the client understand the dynamics of their actions.

Tell us what we’ve left out and why you think you need an advertising agency.

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